Aloha Classic

Master the Wave at Aloha Classic

Aloha Classic at Maui is a true celebration of surfing sports. Each years it gathers surfing lovers. These are people of different age. Their experience in surfing differs greatly. What does unite them? It is true passion to this type of sports!

Aloha Classic Championship offers a considerable price for registration; diverse program and lots of satisfaction. Waves at Hawaii form excellent conditions to practice surfing.

Aloha Classic

Participate at Aloha Classic

Aloha Classic is famous around the world. It proposes dynamic competition program. Sportsmen compete in several categories. Aloha is a very classic competition. The participants are divided into groups, depending on their

  • Gender. Female and males participate.
  • Level of proficiency.  There are several gourds formed:
  • Professional. It is the group that is hardest to get in and to compete in. If the number of sportsmen willing to be here is too big, they will be chosen by an additional competition.
  • Amateur. It is the group of newcomers. It is quite easy to get in.
  • Age. Sports has no barriers. Aloha manifests it. Three groups of people can take part in Championship: under 20; from 45 and older; 55 years old and more.

To register to Aloha Classic is quite easy. It does not cost much as well.

You have to choose divisions you want to participate in. Each sportsmen can compete in 1 or 2. Fee for full registration package ranges from 150-200 dollars accordingly.

Registration package will make you smile. You get not only permit to participate, but:

  • Cloth designed for Championship. T-shirt will suit you well.
  • Tickets to attend opening and closing ceremonies. They are very spectacular.
  • Presents from sponsors. They are attractive and tasty.
  • Possibility to win prize reserved for the winners in each separate category.

Aloha ClassicPrize at Aloha Classic Championship

Prize fund is not that big. It is 10 000 dollars in total. First place winner gains 1 250 dollars; second place merits 750 dollars and the 3rd one will receive 500 dollars. This financial range is valid for women category. Male winners receive better financial stimulation. It is 3 750 dollars for the first, 2 250 dollars for the second and 1 500 dollars for the third place.

What are key rules at Aloha Championship?

Judges put notes to sportsmen based on two criteria:

  1. Proficiency of wave ride. This is a very complex parameter. Angle, height of a conquered wave are assessed.
  2. Jumping style. Proficiency of jumping is assessed by jury.   

These are key criteria.

To start competing sportsmen should choose the desired groups to compete in. Groups are diversified depending on age bracket and proficiency level of sportsmen.

Aloha Classic is a Championship that will hardly lose its popularity. Each year it manifests the grace, beauty and danger of surfing sport.

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