The history of Aloha Classic

It is not a secret, that people enjoy practicing sports. This tradition comes from ancient times. Through history sports diversified.

Windsurfing gained its unique niche in the world of sports. It happened in the second half of the XXth century. Today it is practiced by many.

Aloha Classic: its particularities

Aloha Classic Windsurfing Championship each year gathers thousands of fans. What is a reason for such popularity?

  • It is organized at Ho’okipa Beach Park. Beaches there are the best surf spots in the world. They are situated in Hawaii, the US.
  • It offers excellent training conditions. The Championship is organized each autumn. It is time when waves go higher than ever. It brings more pleasure for surfers and for fans.
  • It is an event with a long history. In the world of today many novelties appear and die rapidly. Only particular initiatives stay. Aloha Classic is one of them. It had its first winners in 1984.
  • Fine branding. Aloha Classic is a brand name. It brings good profit for organizers. Aloha Classic is as classic as white and black photography.

Aloha Classic: key facts to know

There are several windsurfing categories in which competition at Maui takes place. These are classic techniques:

  • wave riding;
  • course race;
  • slalom.

In Maui sportsmen are divided into categories: by age group; gender and level of professionalism.

Aloha Classic Surf Championship suffered from some financial problems. That provoked budget expenditures being cut. Last years competition was held only between men. Slalom and course race were dispelled for some time.

The event proved to be reputable. Professional Windsurfers Association is a central body that regulates activity in this sports sector. It lobbies right initiatives to keep windsurfing profitable. It yearly organizes many events. If a body joins this organization, it means it has a high standard.

Aloha Classic is an active member of it. The Championship has its big names. Robby Naish is the one. He gained the first place in the competition for 8 times. His passion for windsurfing developed from the age of 11. It was time he moved with his family to Hawaii. Today Robby Naish is world famous. The woman with seven victories in the Championship is Angela Farrell. She is the top player in wind riding category.

If you are new to surfing or the long-term fan of it, come to Maui. Aloha Classic is fourteen days event. The schedule is really comfortable. You will have a chance to enjoy competition and to relax on sandy beaches of Hawaii.

There is also a possibility to join an event as a volunteer. What can be better than volunteering under the Sun. The views at Maui are beautiful!

Join Aloha Classic! Discover an amazing art of windsurfing!

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