What’s New in Windsurfing?

Windsurfing is one of those things that can easily grab you. It is very addictive and captivating. The feeling you get is like escaping from everything around. Windsurfing is something, which makes you humble and gives a challenge.

Many windsurfers explain their decision to go into this sport as a desire to live life to its fullest. It is unbelievably beautiful when seeing a windsurfer doing all of these things with his board in the water. It is a breathtaking and a speechless view at the same time. No matter what windsurfing is for a concrete person – a meditation or adrenaline – everyone feels satisfied and free in the end. Maybe due to these feelings and emotions, windsurfing is keeping to gain popularity among younger and older generations more and more. Open training, competitions, championships are already a common thing for windsurfing sport. Every day some interesting events are held. The last month was also very hot in terms of windsurfing sessions.

So, let’s look closer what new is in windsurfing life.

Latest news from Windsurfers

  • Adrien Bosson – a young, talented freestyle windsurfer released a video of his most impressive moments during a summer session. Being one of the top windsurfers in the world, Adrien demonstrates unbelievably difficult combinations and moves. Search for the video on Adrien Bosson’s official Facebook page. You have to see this by yourself! weight: 400;”>New nomination! One of the most famous women windsurfers in the world – Sarah-Quita Offringa, has been nominated for Sailor of the Year by Rolex. Good luck, girl!

  • New talents! New stars! Windsurfing is becoming younger and bigger. New talents become new stars. This time, it is a 19-year old sportsman – Alex Grand-Guillot, who makes his first steps in windsurfing as a professional. This season was a full year of competing on the PWA Wave World Tour for Alex.
  • Injuries. Sad to announce, but the previous month was marked not only by positive moments on the water. A couple of injuries became a serious problem for Steven Van Broeckhoven. The sportsman was operated because of the serious issues with his ankle. Hopefully, Steven will get well soon and come back for the new season to attain new heights. As 2017 season finished for him with the 11th place only, which is not bad at all.
  • And the last but not the least is an event. Mercedes-Benz Sylt PWA Super Grand Slam presented 10 wonderful days of windsurfing sessions and 3 new world champions. So, who are those best windsurfers of the year due to the Mercedes-Benz Grand Slam? Among women the best of the best are Iballa Moreno, Sarah-Quita Offringa, and Daida Moreno. Among men, the winners are Marcilio Browne, Philip Koster, and Victor Fernandez.

All in all, Windserfing is a sport in which both men and women feel comfortable and equal. But as any other sport, it also requires a lot of motivation and input.

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